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Above all else, at chase ferret rescue our focus is on saving and improving the lives of ferrets. This commitment can be found in everything we do—from education to rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

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Our goal is to support the welfare of ferrets and help any ferret in need.
With the support of our dedicated team we try and help owners learn more about ferret care or help find a rescue near to their location. Get in touch if you want to know how you can help.


We are dedicated to the Rehabilitation of ferrets that arrive here at chase ferret rescue, which is by no means an easy process. We believe every ferret deserves a chance and we do our best to help the ferrets who arrive here at chase ferret rescue.


With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new homes for the ferrets once they are ready to be adopted.  
We neuter and microchip the ferrets that arrive here. Younger ferrets who are under 6 months of age we request they return for neutering once of a suitable age. 
We do rehome vasectomised hobs on request.

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Based in Rugeley Staffordshire UK

We take in stray, injured or surrendered ferrets to rehabilitate, neuter and microchip.

Many of the ferrets will go up for adoption, some older or poorly ferrets stay with us or within foster placement locally.

Our aim is to help promote ferrets and their care requirements.

Promoting better living conditions and helping prevent suffering by giving ferret owners the knowledge to prevent illnesses or injuries.

We give the details of your nearest ferret rescue who can help with ferret adoption, stray or surrender ferrets requiring a rescue space. 

Keeping stray ferrets in the found area, to try and help get the ferret reunited with their owners.

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Adoption Process

Process of adoption
We will ask you many questions to ensure you have done your research on Ferrets and their care needs.
• Are you local to us? We are based in Rugeley Staffordshire uk 🇬🇧
• Do you have any other Ferrets?
• Are you looking for pet or working Ferrets?
• We like to see photos of your current ferret(s) and their accommodation.
• Do you have neutered Ferrets or Ferrets that have not been neutered?
• If not neutered how do you bring your jills out of season?

If your thinking of adopting but have little knowledge of Ferrets and want to learn about them before adopting, we can send you information on ferret rescues in the uk 🇬🇧 so you can book an appointment to visit your nearest one. Ask lots of questions and handle Ferrets before getting the setup ready to adopt.

We can send you photos of suitable ideas for both indoor and outdoor accommodation.

If you are local to us you can visit us (appointment only) and get to handle the Ferrets and we can chat with your family about keeping Ferrets.

We get asked a lot for cuddly Ferrets and do they bite! We always say Ferrets do have teeth and they use their mouths like we use our hands. Playtime can be exciting and they play using their mouth, so you can get nipped during play. If they are held in a way they dislike or get scared or hurt they can also nip.

When ferrets get adopted they may nip when in a new environment as it can be quite scary and need time to settle into their new home.
We are here for on going support 

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Adoption fee

Hobs £60 castrated & microchipped

Jills £75 speyed and microchipped

Vasectomised hob £80

The adoption fee covers the veterinary fee and microchip. 

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We are a small team here at chase ferret rescue including Angela and Hayley.

Angela has had lots of experience on ferret care since 1999, when doing her work experience at a wildlife centre for her animal care BTEC and National Diploma in animal care. This was when Angela was able to adopt her first of many pet ferrets. 

Angela was able to gain lots of experience while veterinary nursing which helps us provide extra support during sick or convalescing ferrets.

Hayley has joined our team helping to look after the older or sick ferrets that are not well enough to be put up for adoption. She loves the ferrets and has been able to help support many geriatric ferrets that have been surrendered to us. 

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Rugeley Staffordshire WS152XH UK


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